Cadence OrCAD Capture

OrCAD Capture design entry는 오늘날 전자회로 설계분야에서 가장 보편적으로 사용 되는 빠르고 강력한 업계 표준의 범용 회로 설계 편집 도구 입니다.




What is OrCAD Capture?

OrCAD® Capture is one of the most widely used schematic design solutions for the creation and documentation of electrical circuits. Coupled with the optional OrCAD CIS (component information system) product for component data management, along with highly integrated flows supporting the engineering process, OrCAD Capture is one of the most powerful design environments for taking today’s product creation from concept to production.


Product Highlights


Powerful Schematic Entry

Streamline the creation of your more complex schematic designs with hierarchical, reuse, and variant design capabilities


Component Data Management

Accelerate your design process and lower project costs with an integrated component information system (OrCAD CIS)


Integrated Design Flows

Analyze your designs to meet project goals and achieve first-pass success with signal integrity, analog/mixed-signal, and constraint development flows


Multiple PCB Tool Support

Make use of multiple CAD netlist interfaces to extend OrCAD Capture into multi-vendor flows allowing you to standardize on a common front-end solution


Open Architecture Platform

Custom tailor your OrCAD environment to enhance and extend it with the ability to create custom features, solutions, and flows


Ease of Use & Productivity

Speed your way through tedious or complex design tasks with extensive schematic entry capabilities that enhance usability and boost productivity



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